In-Depth 2024 Forecast

In-Depth 2024 Forecast

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Estimated delivery for 2024 forecasts will be around mid-late December! For urgent readings, do add-on expedited booster.

Feel free to DM @indietarotfairies your order number on Instagram after your purchase for an estimation of when your order will be delivered.

For expedited readings (delivery within 24 hours), please add to cart the Expedited Readings Booster and specify which reading you'd like to expedite. 

Spread includes:

1. Jan to December outlook (12 cards total, 1 card per month)

2. Key events each quarter for career, romance & general

3. Quarterly obstacles, blessings & advice

4. Energy check-in for career, romance & general

Make sure to include the following in your brief:

- Relationship status

- Current occupation

- 2024 concerns

This forecast will be delivered to you as a PDF via IG DMs to make it easier for you to refer to through the year. This reading also includes a free 1-card question which will be claimable via IG DMs at any time in 2024