Soulmate/Next Partner Reading

Soulmate/Next Partner Reading

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Please note that readings will take between 2-5 working days depending on the order volume.

Do take note that readings may take up to 7 days during peak holiday seasons! For urgent readings, do add-on expedited booster.

Feel free to DM @indietarotfairies your order number on Instagram after your purchase for an estimation of when your order will be delivered.

For expedited readings (delivery within 24 hours), please add to cart the Expedited Readings Booster and specify which reading you'd like to expedite. 

This reading includes the option of reading into either a romantic soulmate or potential next partner. Romantic soulmates may not necessarily be your next partner, but the connection that you have with a romantic soulmate is often very impactful and life-changing. There is no guarantee that you will stay with your romantic soulmate forever and do note that we have multiple soulmates in our lifetime and their primary purpose is to help us grow as individuals. A next partner reading will provide insight on an incoming romantic connection. Feel free to state in the comment box whether you prefer to read into a romantic soulmate or next partner. Otherwise, the default will be a romantic soulmate reading.

Spread includes:

1. Personality traits

2. Horoscope placements

3. Where you may meet

4. Significant time periods 

5. Relationship dynamic

6. Potential future of the relationship

7. Advice to increase your chances of meeting